Discussion of Work in Progress

Official opening of the Graduate School

In a kick-off event lasting several days, the students and teachers get to know each other as a group. The research idea and goals of the research group are presented, as are the individual doctoral projects and the postdoc’s research plans. At the same time, the event serves to present the school’s study and mentoring program and to identify specific needs in terms of methods training.


The colloquia of the Graduate School serve the continuous discussion of the ongoing doctoral and postdoctoral projects. In the colloquia, which regularly occur on a monthly basis at both locations, the doctoral candidates first present their project concept and ongoing work for discussion. Two doctoral candidates are always given the opportunity to present their work, so that at least twice a year they present the status of their work for discussion with the participation of both supervisors. If necessary, the two site colloquia are combined as a video conference. In addition to the joint work on the challenges of the project under discussion, the colloquia also serve to collectively discuss any problems that arise and to identify and discuss general issues.

Data Workshops

The data workshops are organized with the aim of intensive joint work on data from individual dissertation projects and are supervised by the postdocs. The workshops with be held regularly at both sites and, if necessary, will also be held digitally.

In addition, the PhD students can attend any existing workshops on our program:

Method Consulting Hours

We offer flexible method consultation hours to cohort members for any questions or areas that need clarified.

Ad Hoc Working Groups

Ad-hoc working groups can be organized as needed to discuss specific comparative questions with participants from both sites.