Research Related Qualification

Theory Seminars

Through seminars, all students will learn and discuss concepts of “Mathematical Learning and Interaction”, “Language Learning and Interaction” and “Teaching Theories”. A common theoretical foundation is important to conduct a comprehensive and comparative discourse in the graduate school, especially on the basis of differentiated and special studies. At a later stage, work that was initially accompanied, that then progressed to a more cooperative form, should develop into independent and project-relevant theory. This discourse on these new theoretical foundations should be promoted. This promotion can also take place in the form of workshops (with the involvement of guest speakers) or in the context of ad hoc working groups.

Methodical Seminars

The Graduate School teaches, methodological basics and specific procedures including, “Methodological Foundations of Observational Research Procedures”, “Data Collection in the Classroom” (with and without video recordings) and “Data Analysis Procedures” (qualitative coding, sequence analytical procedures, rating procedures). This is partly done in cooperation with the methodological centers of the Universities of Kassel and Halle. Methodological (and scientific-theoretical) grounding also concerns the entire collegial group as a way to encourage mutual understanding and discourse across different research paradigms. More specific methodological procedures and problems can then also be worked out in smaller groups by those who apply these procedures in their projects (reconstructive procedures such as conversation analysis, documentary method, objective hermeneutics, or statistical procedures such as multivariate statistics, structural equation models, Markov chains, etc.).


The annual Summer Schools are important crystallization points for joint research-related qualification and theory work. The aim here is to develop connections to international discourses in teaching research in a targeted manner with the involvement of international guests. The Graduate School will invite internationally renowned teaching researchers for summer schools and workshops lasting several days. These guests will contribute their ideas to current developments in the field of teaching research and can be important discussion partners for the entire Graduate School and also ‘door openers’ to international discourse. As a rule, the program will be held in English.