Key scientific Skills

Workshop on Rules of good scientific Practice, Data Protection and Research Ethics

Participation in a workshop on data protection and research ethics is mandatory for all cohort members. This workshop also serves as an introduction to the rules of good scientific practice and as training for the collection, securing, processing and sustainable provision of research data.

Scientific Writing and Presentation

In addition to methodological and theoretical qualifications, the critical skills of writing and presenting are an essential part of the researcehers’ toolkit.  Specific workshops will be offered in each area, drawing on established offerings such as the continuing education programs of the two universities.

In particular members of the graduate school can attend German- and English-language workshops from the International Graduate Academy (InGrA) of MLU on academic writing (also Academic Writing in English), academic presenting (also Academic Presenting in English) or academic communication and networking. In Kassel, the Graduate Academy of the University offers the cohort members comparable qualification offers.

Promotion of active Participation in National and International Conferences and Publication Activities

Doctoral students are supported in presenting interim results of their research in the form of posters or short conference contributions for discussion. The supervisors also advise the doctoral candidates on the publication of journal articles. They receive both content-related and financial support (for proofreading in the case of international publications).

Gender Symposium

Gender and diversity aspects, also in international comparison, are addressed in the context of a cross-site gender symposium: What do implicit, school subject-related gender stereotypes look like in different cultures? How are ability-related self-concepts of boys* and girls* in relation to languages and mathematics culturally shaped? How can interaction in elementary school counteract stereotyping?

Further offers on gender and diversity issues are available through the equal opportunities offices of the participating universities.

Knowledge Transfer

A key area of scientific expertise, which is sometimes neglected, is the ability to transfer scientific results and to engage in dialogue with school practice. Therefore, appropriate skills will be promoted towards the end of the first funding period. For this purpose, a format is to be developed that is suitable for preparing results from the dissertations for teaching practitioners and presenting them for discussion.