Internationalization and Networking

The Graduate School attaches great importance to the integration of the doctoral candidates into the national and international interdisciplinary discourse on teaching research. This internationalization is supported through international guest researchers, through stays in international research institutions and through participation in (international) conferences. At the same time, the aim is to communicate the research approach of the research group and (interim) results of the work in the (international) discourse of teaching research.

Guest Residencies

For the purpose of (international) networking, the Graduate School supports the visiting researcher’s stay at an institute with a relevant research focus, preferably abroad. In addition, the Graduate School is available for guest stays for young researchers from Germany and abroad who are conducting research on classroom interaction. These visits can be applied for at the Graduate School and can be financially supported by Mercator funds in the case of postdocs and by ERASMUS in the case of doctoral students. The research stays of (international) guests result in a valuable broadening of perspectives or collaboration between researchers.


The Graduate School is located at the Center for Empirical Research on Teaching and Learning (ZELL, University of Kassel) and at the Center for Research on Schools and Education (ZSB, MLU). The doctoral students help to shape the working structures and networking in the centers.